The FOY Life

Our Story

Rishi Bhardwaj MD - Manoj Bhardwaj MD - FOY Life Founders

Rishi R. Bhardwaj MD, Founder and Manoj K. Bhardwaj MD, Co-Founder


Understanding The Problem

The supplement burnout. Too many things out there and too many recommendations make it extremely hard to stick to a good supplement regimen. As health care professionals we understand that even compliance to basic medications can be difficult so having to take four to sometimes ten different supplements can be overwhelming. More importantly you are not enjoying the process! Taking supplements should not feel like a task rather it should be a joyful part of your everyday life!

We were on the supplement band wagon too and had tremendous difficulty sticking to it. Moreover, just having to swallow all those large capsules was not pleasant to say the least!



THE FOY LIFE brand was created to bring together both eastern and western philosophies of wellness. As healthcare providers we have noticed how the supplement market has grown more complex. With all the various supplements especially in their encapsulated formulations people have grown tired of having to take too many things at once. We understand that more separate products mean more revenue for supplement companies however we believe in simplicity. Once a day, easy to take and tasty.

LIFE is the first product to have a comprehensive approach in this over complicated arena targeting multiple issues. It is not meant as a treatment for disease rather a support to our bodies own ability to function optimally.

Foy LIFE was created with select ingredients to bring together the amazing health benefits of eastern herbs along with the essential nutrients that our body needs to help heal and thrive. In addition, select antioxidants and probiotics were added to create an all in one product to support and health mind and body. A powdered formulation to mix in water once a day that can be taken on the go, simple yet tasty.


What's in it?

Extended research was done to put the right combination of essential B vitamins in their most active form to ensure proper absorption and give vitality. Vitamin C and D along with essential elements like zinc and magnesium were added for better immune, bone support. Traditional Eastern herbal formulations of Cat’s Claw, Ashwagandha, and curcumin have been combined to help boost immunity, vitality and our endocrine system. In addition, they have shown to help reduce stress. Glutathione, Coenzyme Q and N-acetylcysteine were added for detoxification and gut immune building along with probiotics. Click here for detailed description of ingredients and their benefits. Naturally sweetened with Stevia leaf and flavored with a refreshing orange taste!




Serve Yourself And Serve Others

We are dedicated to serving. A percentage of all net proceeds will be given to serve humanitarian issues including hunger, health care and disaster relief.


Who Is This For?

For almost anyone who wants a well-balanced supplement and wants to live an active and healthy lifestyle! This is not meant to treat illness but to help support and restore one’s own immune and vitality, reduce stress and above all enjoy life!


Who This May Not Be For

If you are taking multiple medications, you should not take this supplement at the same time as you take your pills. Even though the ingredients have not shown any harmful side effects it may affect how your medications might be absorbed if taken together. Also, if you are pregnant or breast feeding it may be advisable not to take this supplement (which is the case for most supplements that are being sold). 


More About Dr. Rishi and Manoj Bhardwaj 

Board certified in both Internal medicine and Family medicine they have worked for over a decade in the largest health care system in Texas. They have worked very closely with patient’s with advanced tumors, heart disease, multi organ failure, auto-immune/rheumatological disease, depression and anxiety. Knowing the greatness and limitations of our current health care system they have begun working with patients through a more Functional, mind-body and spirit approach. This supplement was a product for what they felt was a need towards simplicity and enjoyment in one’s health. This was not meant to treat or replace traditional medicines but to enhance and support one’s vitality and immunity. For more information visit