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A girl wearing a medical mask with a city behind her and smog

Steps to boost your own immune system

 It’s time to consider that while hundreds of millions of dollars are being spent researching new drugs and vaccines to combat the current Coronavirus 19 pandemic; nothing will fight this  better that your own body! At Foy LIFE, we believe in the innate power of the human body combined with the natural forces and gifts from mother nature to help to create a strong immune system and fulfilling and vibrant life.  The healthiest humans on earth, the most disease free with optimal health, are not “healthy” because they take the most medicines but because they take care of themselves in a natural holistic way.

So what steps can you take naturally to boost your health and well-being?

 1-    Stay in a state of joy and gratitude

2-    Meditate and pray

3-    Move your body (stream workouts from home!)

4-    Be kind to those around you

5-    Reach out to neighbors who are elderly and ask if they need help with food or      other resources

6-    Constant giving (just a small amount – so many would appreciate a little help right now)

7-    Eat your fruits and veggies (the agricultural sector is still working - think again before only grabbing that processed food)

8-    Take natural supplements that can boost your immune system

9-    Avoid information overload that causes fear. Limit your TV watching and social media.

Why Foy LIFE?

We have talked about the natural powerful immune boosters in The Foy LIFE—like Ashwagandha, Cat’s claw (which is also anti-viral) and Curcumin---these natural powerhouses will help build your own immune system over time so when you do face the challenge of viruses or other diseases you will be able to battle them with your body’s own natural abilities. The essential vitamins and minerals in Foy LIFE are not only necessary in the acute phase of an illness to help fight the disease but they also help to more repair and rebuild your cells so that you can continue to fight. The anti-oxidants in Foy LIFE help remove harmful radicals that are the by-product of this battle—think of it like waste disposal—the cleaner your system, the more effective it is. 

The Foy LIFE has a powerhouse of ingredients that will help you short term and most importantly long term. We believe the Coronavirus 19 or any other future variants are here to stay---better you have the tools your body needs NOW rather than waiting for a treatment to come around in the future. 

Stay safe and stay home everyone. Times are hard but we will get past this! Wishing you a joyful and fearless state!!