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What do you mean "East meets West?"

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A mission of The Foy LIFE company and also our personal clinical practice is to balance every aspect of the human body and spirit. While we are doctors and prescribe traditional western medicine when needed; we also integrate an eastern philosophy into our practice. This includes but is not limited to meditation, acupuncture, mindfulness practices, and herbal supplements developed in countries like Asia and India. 

The Cause of Diseases Today

Today, we are in constant physical and emotional overdrive that brings us to eat the wrong foods and indirectly enhances inflammation throughout the body. Yes - the root cause of most diseases is inflammation!  Our bodies are irritated by the substances that enter our systems, couple that with emotional stress, and our bodies have difficulty defending itself over time; ultimately the scales of disease burden override us. I believe 85% + of all hospitalized patients currently are a result of this constant inflammation - not bum luck—whether it be diabetes related complications, heart disease or cancer.

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Traditional Western Medicine

 The medical field has made tremendous leaps in advancement of disease treatment. However, that does not mean we are improving overall quality of life. People may be living longer (however the United States only ranks 37th country in the world for life expectancy) but that does not mean they are living healthier or more importantly happier (US ranks 19 according to the United Nations “Happiest Countries in the World”).

We are still teaching our medical students in a manner that breaks down our body like parts of a car that need to be tuned, cleaned or even refitted with new parts (i.e organ transplants).

At The Foy LIFE we believe our bodies function more like a river rather than just a building that houses us. There is a flow of energy through us. So when we truly want to feel better we must look at the whole person—not just the body but also the mind and spirit. I tell my patients, “I like to treat the driver not the car - for we were given the best car but yet our minds broke it down through years of poor diet, lack of exercise and more importantly STRESS!” 

Eastern Medicine Philosophy

The approach to this battle cannot just be pills. To put things in perspective, some of the most powerful drugs we have ever used to help mankind we did NOT make! Think of Aspirin—from a tree bark, Penicillin—from a fungus, or even opium derivatives like Morphine - from a plant. We still need a traditional western medicine approach at times but the magic of nature is undeniable and the potential unimaginable.

The eastern herbs and botanicals we chose to include in The Foy LIFE like Ashwagandha, Cat’s Claw and Turmeric were meant not to treat but enhance and balance out our bodies so that it can function better. There are many studies showing their benefits to help reduce stress, inflammation and detoxify our bodies naturally—but this is by no means a treatment-these ingredients are meant to work synergistically with our own bodies to reduce inflammation and build our immune system over time.  Yes, I will still prescribe a penicillin for strep throat, but the goal is that your body won’t be susceptible to recurrent infections with the help of these eastern herbs. 

Eastern herbs in small bags with mortar and pestle beside them.

Our Eastern philosophy is not just about the herbs and botanicals. The most important aspect is balancing your mind-body-spirit. It includes mindfulness practices, meditation, tai chi, acupuncture etc. - all are very powerful processes to support your overall well being.

Your diet? —well of course—but I have a feeling you knew about that one already! If the universe gave you a Ferrari as a body why are you still putting diesel in it and expecting it to run without issues??

Live in balance, and use what our beautiful and unfathomable universe has given you.  Live your days with love and joy and the body will follow. 

Person staring on a mountain at sunrise feeling healthy, grateful and joyful

Wishing you ultimate joy and wellness! Rishi Bhardwaj MD