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Supporting our "Second Brain"

different foods the provide neutral probiotics (carrots, yogurt, pears, etc) in a circle with the title "probiotics" in the middle

The gut is a hot topic nowadays.

Many even refer to it as our second brain.

Believe it or not, our emotions, immune response and digestive health are dependent on if we have a healthy gut or not!  A more scientific term for the gut would be microbiome which is defined as a collection of microbes that create their own mini ecosystem. 

These microbes consist of:

  • beneficial bacteria
  • harmful bacteria
  • other potential pathogens  

 Dr. Tom O’Bryan has a great analogy for the microbiome – a rainforest.  

What we consume on a regular basis either allows our rainforest to thrive, or it is cut clear and deficient.

 The beneficial bacteria found within our gut are responsible for producing specific Vitamin B’s which play a role in energy production.  They are also responsible for synthesis of vitamin K, breakdown of toxins, production of digestive enzymes, assist in the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other important minerals, and stimulate the immune system. Not all bacteria is bad...and really quite necessary for our gut to carry out many functions!! 

Picture of the stomach organs with bacteria circling

When our beneficial bacteria are out of balance with harmful and pathogenic bacteria is is called dysbiosis.  This ultimately leads to decreased energy, decreased immune system, and poor digestive health.  Who hasn't felt that yuck before?

Beneficial bacteria are ALSO important for mental and emotional well-being.  So, when something just doesn’t feel right, it really might be your gut talking. That "gut feeling" is a real thing!

Fortunately, there are ways to naturally increase the beneficial bacteria within our microbiome!

Prebiotics  are indigestible plant fibres  that are a great food source for bacteria.  These foods include bananas, cooled potatoes, apples, garlic and asparagus

Probiotics are strains of the beneficial bacteria that help maintain a healthy microbiome by helping with the integrity of the intestinal lining.  Probiotics are naturally found in foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickles and yogurt

A girl eating yogurt with symbols of good and bad bacteria coming from a though bubble from her stomach

Due to the incredible and necessary work of the beneficial bacteria in the microbiome, 2 different strains of probiotics are included in The Foy LIFE  supplement:

Bifidobacterium Bifidum supports your gut heath and digestion by digesting dietary fiber, helps to prevent infections in your body, and produces vitamins and other important chemicals. Low counts of Bifidobacteria have been linked to many diseases. 

Lactobacillus Acidophilus also works to support your gut mucosal immune system, break down lactose, and helps in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. Studies have shown it may prevent and reduced allergy symptoms, reduce cold and flu symptoms, and reduce symptoms of eczema.

There is a lot of exciting data out there regarding the benefits of probiotics. The Doctors at The Foy LIFE believe taking probiotic supplements daily is important as they may not be naturally introduced to the body consistently through the standard American diet.  The inclusion of Probiotics to this comprehensive drink mix is unique and helpful to all of us who have an "on-the'go" lifestyle. 

-Carrie Procinsky B.A., Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant, Graduate Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, Reiki Master.

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