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Supplement Overload??

Woman holding lots of pills

Have you opened your cabinets recently in your bathroom or kitchen and looked at all of the supplements you have accumulated over time? More importantly, noticed how many of them you have stopped taking??

We’ve all been there, and we seem to be jumping on and off the vitamin/supplement band wagon. My cabinets were full of pills ranging from multivitamins to herbal supplements to probiotics. You buy one thing for energy, buy another for gut health, another to prevent colds, another to make your skin better, another to reduce inflammation, etc., etc. The list goes on and on.

My Vitamin/Supplement History

I was taking a daily packet of supplements from a very well reputed company—the most basic daily vitamin dose was a mix of 6 large capsules! Plus, I needed more energy so I added a couple more B complex vitamins. I needed something for gut heath, so added a few probiotics…you get the gist.

These weren't the only important supplements to take for my health…coming from an eastern heritage, I truly believe in the magic of eastern herbs! The top selling drugs that have helped human lives we did NOT invent! Think about aspirin, penicillin, opium - these are just a few of the thousands of miracle natural elements on our planet. I started taking individual doses of  Curcumin, ashwagandha, cat’s claw and a few others. They are very powerful anti-inflammatory and immune boosters. They take time to build in the system and help support our own natural immunity to fight diseases.

East Meets West

I believed there was a happy medium of using both traditional western supplements combined with eastern herbal medicine. I always have recommended both in my practice. I thought, why can’t this be more simple?? There must be something out there that gives us what we need in one capsule? But why not drink it? And more importantly, why not make it taste good?

My wife and I went hunting around our local pharmacies and supermarkets to see what was available that fit these parameters. We went through all the supplement aisles and found NOTHING!

The Beginnings of Foy LIFE

That is where this product started. It is all the great ingredients that I know of as a medical practitioner to boost energy, support immunity, and improve gut function in an “east meets west” formula. It had to be easy to take, it had to be once a day and it had to TASTE GREAT! That was when The Foy Life was born!

After all these years of trying to stick to a vitamin regimen this was by far the easiest to include in my life. Plus, I don’t have to sit there and drink it all at once. I mix it with water in a bottle, then out the door I go! I can take it to work, to a workout, with my kids to a park or just on a long drive. It has become such a part of my life that I felt it needed to be shared. I have been giving it to my patients with amazing responses and now we are ready to share it with the world!

What’s in it?

B-complex vitamins, magnesium, probiotics, curcumin, ashwagandha, cat’s claw - just to name a few of the ingredients. We will be highlighting individual ingredients through upcoming blogs and on our website. AND of course, it is Non-GMO, sugar free, caffeine free, lactose and soy free...did I mention gluten? (YES, gluten free!).

Vibrant Orange Container of FOY Life Supplement Drink Mix

Who am I?

I am an internal medicine physician in Houston Texas who has been practicing medicine for over a decade in one of the largest hospitals in the country.  I also have an outpatient clinic with my brother, Manoj Bhardwaj M.D (co-founder of The Foy LIFE). My days are spent treating patients with advanced tumors, heart disease, multi organ failure, auto-immune/rheumatological disease, depression and anxiety. Through my training, experience, and research I have come to truly understand where the need for so many supplements has originated from. Here are just a few issues that I believe have contributed to the lack of vitamins/nutrients in our systems:

  • Reliance on eating processed foods
  • Exposure to chemicals and pesticides
  • Stress
  • Lack of exercise/movement
  • Electromagnetic stimulation from phones, TV, microwaves, electric poles, etc.
  • Lack of time in nature - a critical grounding force that keeps our magnetic fields balanced.

Wow!! We need to stay away from all this “bad stuff” but with work, family and all the other commitments... who has the time?  We all know the healthy things to do…

  • Eat colorful healthy organic foods
  • Drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day
  • Exercise/move your body 30 minutes per day
  • Sleep 8 hours a night
  • Take time every day to meditate and practice mindfulness.

It can be hard to fit it all into the day! I Kid you not, in an ideal world I would love to be living on an open farm, growing my own produce, eating grass fed meats (or maybe try the vegan or pescatarian lifestyle), sleeping more, with limited technology and then just run around open meadows with my kids! Instead, I am “plugged in”, bombarded with constant phone calls, emails, late night pages from the hospital, and lacking sleep. No matter how hard I try to stick to a good diet and exercise plan I still break down and need that occasional burger, fries, chocolate cake and wine!! Are you with me??

So through my desire to help my body function better - this is how our idea for FOY Life drink came about. I needed something extra for more balance, restoration and more importantly vitality. Yes, of course if you have any serious medical issues this is by no means a remedy or treatment. It is still a supplement but, after all these years of trying to stick to any kind of regimen this was by far the easiest to include in my life.

Anyways, the point is, why not keep things simple, easy and joyful?

Through my upcoming blog posts, I will share with you valuable tools and insights that I use to help improve the health of my patients, my family and myself.  I believe that making time to better ourselves is key and necessary to our health.

Family Photo of Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj of FOY Life and wife Jennifer Bhardwaj

Wishing you amazing health and happiness!!

Rishi Bhardwaj MD

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