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We optimize your immunity to battle flu season.

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Supplement Burnout

Too many things out there and too many recommendations make it extremely hard to stick to a good supplement regimen.

As health care professionals, we understand that even compliance to basic medications can be overwhelming. More importantly, you are not enjoying the process!

Learn more about how we retooled supplements to make it a joyful part of your day instead of a task.

The FOY Life Story

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Low Energy

In creating FOY Life, we completed extensive research to put the right combination of essential B vitamins in their most active form to ensure proper absorption and give vitality.

Vitamin C and D, along with essential elements like zinc and magnesium were added for better immunity and bone support.

Traditional Eastern herbal formulations of Cat’s Claw, Ashwagandha, and Curcumin have been combined to help boost immunity, vitality and our endocrine system.

Learn more about FOY Life's unique combination of ingredients.

FOY Life Ingredients

A Unique Blend Created By Doctors

Essential Nutrients and Eastern Herbs to Help Your Body Heal and Thrive.

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A comprehensive EAST MEETS WEST supplement that will enhance your own VITALITY and IMMUNITY with GREAT TASTE and SIMPLICITY in mind.

Serve yourself and others

The Foy Life mission is to not only enhance your life but that of others. We are COMMITTED TO SERVING others by donating to causes including disaster relief, hunger and childhood illnesses.

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The cost to individually buy all of these nutrients, vitamins, and herbs would be HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS a month. Keep your life simple and joyful! 

FOY Life


FOY Life Supplement Drink Mix for Vitality plus Immunity
FOY Life Supplement Drink Mix for Vitality plus Immunity FOY Life FOY Life FOY Life

All-In-One, East Meets West, Vitality Plus Immunity, Easy To Take, Once A Day Tasty and Refreshing Supplement Drink Mix

A powdered formulation to mix in water once a day that can be taken on the go, simple yet tasty.


FOY Life Testimonial - Piya G
"The FOY LIFE supplement drink is unique because, unlike many other supplements, it tastes great! I have psoriatic arthritis and since taking FOY LIFE I have had less inflammation in my joints! I think that everyone would benefit from taking FOY LIFE. I would love to have my husband start taking this as a supplement as well."

Piya G., Pediatric Dentist

FOY Life Testimonial - Amanda M
"As a busy mom of three, I know that I need some kind of supplement but don't have the time to obsess over it. Shopping the wellness aisle at Whole Foods can be overwhelming and expensive! When I mix up my FOY Life drink, I know that I am taking care of myself and getting some extra hydration in the process - it's one of the highlights of my day! Plus, it tastes amazing!"

Amanda M., Small Business Owner

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